1.1.1 released!

A new version!

What's new since the last release:

  • Quit button on targets that support it (i.e. not the browser)
  • Mice breeding is now based on frame count, thus making it deterministic rather than random
  • Properly release sound driver when exiting
  • Added a laser sound
  • Added an options screen with volume controls
  • Reworked how data is saved
  • Enabled DCE to reduce game size
  • Asset loading is now faster
  • Moved over to using tar archives
  • Added target specific READMEs
  • Prune assets per target
  • Statically compile native binary, this will make life easier for Mac users
  • Try to find assets if native binary is run from a different working directory


lazycat-js-1.1.1-1-gb521587.zip Play in browser
Jul 07, 2021
lazycat-native-Linux-1.1.1-1-gb521587.tar.gz 3 MB
Jul 07, 2021
lazycat-native-Darwin-1.1.1-1-gb521587.tar.gz 3 MB
Jul 07, 2021
lazycat-source-1.1.1-1-gb521587.tar.gz 8 MB
Jul 07, 2021

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